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Insecticides in Philippines

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In comparisonComparePestmaster 5EC insecticide

Pestmaster 5EC insecticide

Pestmaster 5EC is an insecticide that contains cyphermethrin as its active ingredient.It has a fast More detailed

 Pestmasters Chemical Philippines, Inc. | Philippines, Manila 
In comparisonCompareMethex Mango insecticide

Methex Mango insecticide

Crop protected: Mangoes More detailed

 Greenfields Tech, Company | Philippines, Mandaluyong 
In comparisonCompareCyclone 5 EC insecticide

Cyclone 5 EC insecticide

With super strength and speed, it is highly effective in killing black bugs, rice bugs, plant hopper More detailed

 International Veterinary and Agrochemical, Inc. | Philippines, Quezon City 
In comparisonCompareCrop Shield Insecticide

Crop Shield Insecticide

 Prochem Agritech, Inc. | ,  
In comparisonCompareMeans of Control Cockroaches and Termites

Means of Control Cockroaches and Termites

The company started manufacturing household chemicals as an added product and service of Alcochem Pe More detailed

 Alcochem, Corporation | Philippines, Cavite 
In comparisonCompareAbate control solutions

Abate control solutions

For the control of mosquito larvae (kiti-kiti) More detailed

 K & R Chemical Industries, Inc. | Philippines, Quezon City 
In comparisonCompareBaygon EC 20 insecticide

Baygon EC 20 insecticide

Baygon EC 20 is a carbamate insecticide which has a very broad spectrum of activity u More detailed

 Alog & Company, Inc. | Philippines, Makati 
In comparisonCompareCarbaryl 85 WP Insecticides

Carbaryl 85 WP Insecticides

- a broad spectrum insecticide for the control of chewing and sucking insect pests of mango, vege More detailed

 Jocanima, Corporation | Philippines, Las Piñas 
In comparisonCompareKing 5 EC insecticide

King 5 EC insecticide

 Teamagro Trading, Corporation | Philippines, Calamba 
In comparisonCompareQuickBayt Fly Balt 350g

QuickBayt Fly Balt 350g

 PTuazon Green Choice Trading, Company | Philippines, Lipa 
In comparisonCompareHerbal Mosquito Repellant product- DEET Free

Herbal Mosquito Repellant product- DEET Free

My Own Neem Protect Lotion is a good smelling natural insect repellant that works More detailed

 Bismarck Marketing, Company | Philippines, Pasig 
In comparisonCompareChix  Next Generation Insecticide

Chix Next Generation Insecticide

Chix is the next generation insecticide that contains 'beta-cypermethrin' as its active ingredient. More detailed

 Jardine Distribution, Inc. | Philippines, Makati 
In comparisonCompareControl This Different Kinds of Pests

Control This Different Kinds of Pests

Pest Control e More detailed

 Berben Merchant, Inc. | Philippines, Davao 
In comparisonComparePatrol Katol Regular

Patrol Katol Regular

Patrol Katol Regular is your low-cost solution versus the pesky mosquitoes. Its quick knoc More detailed

 Phimco Industries, Inc | Philippines, Manila 
In comparisonCompareCitronella Fly Repellent w/o Sprayer

Citronella Fly Repellent w/o Sprayer

Citronella, rosemary and lemongrass oils naturally repel flies. Spray just a little on tablecloth be More detailed

 Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms, Company | Philippines, Lipa 
In comparisonCompareCitronella Insect Repellent Spray

Citronella Insect Repellent Spray

Made from 100 pure and unadulterated citronella essential oil and hydrosol. Spray on pieces of furni More detailed

 Goldin Grass, Corp. | Philippines, Quezon City 
In comparisonCompareInsecticides BRODAN 31.5 EC

Insecticides BRODAN 31.5 EC

For the control of insect pests of rice, corn, tobacco and vegetables More detailed

 Planters Products, Incorporated | Philippines, Makati 
In comparisonCompareInsecticides Alakdan

Insecticides Alakdan

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Chlorpyrifos 21 + BPMC 10.5% EC (210g/L + 105g/L)MODE OF ACTION: More detailed

 Leads Agricultural Products, Corporation | Philippines, Mandaluyong 
In comparisonCompareCitronella Bug Spray

Citronella Bug Spray

Means of insect control is done in the form of spray, designed to kill mosquitoes, mosquitoes and ot More detailed

 Ballooney Shoppe, Company | Philippines, Cebu 

Insecticides from Ramgo International

 Ramgo International, Corporation | Philippines, Quezon City 
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